3 months down…

I can’t believe it’s been three months already! The time is seriously flying by.

So where am I now…still struggling to pay rent (Torontos bloody expensive) I now have 2 jobs however so things are looking up. Though I have had to have a week off work battling a nasty case of tonsillitus, which is called strep over here and when i say tonsillitus to Canadians they just laugh and look at me like I’m crazy.A trip to a walk in clinic – and far too much money later- I have a very American looking bottle of antibiotics.


My adventures seem to have gone on pause until I can get enough money to fund them again. On the plus side only a month until I come home for Christmas! I can’t wait.

So I will post again soon

Watch this space!



What I miss…

…from home.

1. Fresh bread. A loaf of warburtons would be beautiful right about now. All the bread here has so many preservatives it would literally last months.

2. Proper nachos – anyone who knows me knows I have a slight (major) addiction to nachos. But here, nachos don’t seem to have melted cheese on but cheese sauce and the don’t even have ol del passo nacho kits. What a let down.

3. New Look. There are some pretty good clothes shops here but nothing beats New Look wide fit shoes for my stubby feet.

4. Pizza Express. I don’t even need to say anything else.

5. 50p! Yes I am getting used to quarters (25cent) but I miss the ease of 50 ps.

6. The underground. The subway here just doesn’t have that same overcrowded, uncomfortable feel.

7. 4OD. And channel 4 in general. In have yet to figure out a way to get 4OD working over here.

8. Boots. Shoppers Drug Mart is good but just not the same.

9. Cats! There are an abundance of dogs here. I’m seriously talking thousands. But I have only seen 1 cat so far.

10. My Mac. I miss my MacBook so much it hurts a little sometimes.

Watch this space!!!

I’m a working girl…

And I love my job. Working as a cashier for M.A.C is pretty damn fun. And I get to dress up nicely and put pretty makeup on all day. A far cry from the coffee steamy sweaty makeup free face I had working in a coffee shop.

I still need to find a second job to bring my hours up, gonna be working on that today I think.

So as an English girl working in a Canadian shop, things are not easy. I quite clearly stick out like a sore thumb, as soon as start speaking anyways. My name in work is English and people say they want to have tea with me. They also don’t understand what plasters are and the fact when I say half nine I mean 9.30. Baaaa. I will so get used to this….I think. At least I’ve stopped asking people for £ and I understand the coin system here a bit more, quarters are pretty useful.

I t has started getting colder here now, which worries me somewhat, a sign of very cold things to come.

I have also discovered that where I live is actually kinda famous! My local discount store, Honest Eds is very famous and is in the film Scott Pilgrim vs the world. The pizza place they sit in opposite Honest Eds I have eaten in ( the pizza was not that great)
Kick Ass 2 was also being filmed the other day outside where I work. I love this city.

Watch this (very English apparently) space

P.S I have a fridge that barks like a dog. No joke.


Most commonly used phrases by me in Toronto so far…

As in I use these like once a day:

1. Don’t judge

2. What an asshole

3. Is it too early to have a beer

4. How bad would it be if I had a beer?

5. Shall we go out tonight?

6. We’re going out tonight, right?

7. Oh god, I’m so hungover, I can’t believe we went out last night.

8. Do you want a beer?

My liver officially hates me.

Watch this (slowly pickled) space…


A month down…

I have now been here a month! Time has seriously flown by and I must say, I am loving it!!

I have still not started my job yet (bad times) and therefore my savings are massively depleted, but I should be starting next week hopefully.

To round of my first month, I had an interesting night in a bar called the Bovine Sex Club. No, it’s not a real sex club. I did however meet Robert Sheehan (from Misfits) and Keith from Boyzone. How very random!

Watch this space!


It’s been a while….

It’s been a very busy week. I’ve been to New York and back, been offered a job (it’s only part time, bad times) and been for more nights out than I care to remember.

I do feel like I’ve stepped into someone else’s life. It’s not a bad thing, just different.

I currently sit, hungover, drinking chocolate milk out of a wine glass. Things couldn’t be better.

First off, a couple of things I’ve learnt this week…

1. Megabus may sound like a good idea (and cheap) but 13 hours on a coach, from toronto to new York is not fun.

2. New York is a lot busier than Toronto, and when im carrying a very heavy bag through the crowded streets, I tend to loose my temper somewhat. I feel bad the those New Yorkers I pretty much knocked over.

3. Americans cannot understand the word ‘water’ in an English accent. It sounds the same to me!

4. Never follow 5 shots of Jaeger with a shot of Whisky, particularly when you are already very drunk, you’re sure to have gaps in you’re memory the next morning

5. Dominos pizza is still be best hangover cure, even in Canada.

So my journey into the working holiday visa continues.

My basement apartment is about 20 degrees colder than outside, has no natural light and electrics that seem to stop working (a lot) but its beginning to feel like home!

Watch this space!